Tips For Selling Parboiled Rice In The US

Parboiled rice is not as common as other types of rice, although it offers a variety of benefits. If you are trying to sell parboiled rice in the US, you might not know the best way to hit your market. Here are some tips for selling parboiled rice in the US and maximizing the market to which you are offering it. This will enable you to be as successful in this business endeavor as possible.

1. Sell Cheaper Varieties to College Students

The first thing that you want to do is consider selling the cheaper varieties of rice to college students. College students tend to not have a lot of money. This means that they need something that is cheap and filling in order to feel satisfied and focus on their studies. Rice fits the bill because you can add it to any meal to bulk it up. Consider bringing packets of rice or free samples to college campuses to give out to the students or sponsoring rice cookers in the dorms so that students that don't have a kitchen have a way to cook rice. This will help you court a demographic that will become increasingly wealthy over time, ensuring that you have the brand loyalty of these students when they do have jobs. Also emphasize the shorter cooking time of parboiled rice as a benefit for busy students.

2. Sell More Expensive Varieties to Fitness Enthusiasts

The next thing that you want to try doing is selling more expensive varieties to fitness enthusiasts. Parboiled rice is made in such a way that some of the nutrients that are lost in the usual cooking process are returned to the rice, making it an easy way for bodybuilders to increase their carbohydrate intake healthfully. Make sure that people know the difference between parboiled rice and regular rice by running advertisements on the subway or around areas that have a lot of gyms. Offer recipes for protein-heavy meals that include your rice as one of their ingredients to maximize this particular market.

3. Sell to People Whose Native Foods Traditionally Used This Type of Rice

Finally, be sure that you are targeting people who have moved to the US from another country that had a lot of ethnic cuisine that included parboiled rice. This will help you help your customers stave off the homesickness that they might feel.

For more information, talk to a parboiled rice supplier.