5 Facts Regarding Thermal Transfer Labels

If you make a lot of labels for your business, you don't need to use old paper and ink. Thermal transfer labels are a special type of label that has many benefits. If you are unfamiliar with these types of labels, check out these five facts to determine if it is right for you.

You'll Need a Special Printer

The labels used for thermal transfer labels aren't regular paper, and you can't use them on any printer. You need a thermal transfer printer, which can print on paper and other materials. A thermal transfer printer doesn't use normal ink cartridges. Instead, they use ink ribbons. During the process, the printer heats the ribbon. The desired information or logo is then copied onto the label.

The Labels Are Durable and Customizable 

Thermal transfer labels are more durable than regular labels, so they last longer. Even when placed on items stored outside, the writing on the label doesn't rub off as quickly as normal ink and paper labels. If your business relies heavily on labels to provide important information, such as dates, quantities, items, names, etc. thermal transfer labels are good in another way. They can be customized. You can choose to add as little or as much information as you want from label to label, which will boost productivity and improve customer satisfaction by ensuring information is accurate and detailed.

There are Different Types of Labels

There are different types of labels, and some cheaper printers may not work with every type. However, stock sizes can usually be used on these less expensive printers, making them a good choice for smaller businesses who need to cut costs. You can, however, get labels that are customized in shape or style, but you'll need to pay for these customization. You can also make other requests. For example, if your business uses a lot of chemicals, you may be able to get labels that are resistant to chemicals. You can also find ones that are less vulnerable to UV rays for labels that are kept outside. If you don't want the label to last long, you can even get ones that dissolve in water.

Labels Can Be Color

Typically, with a thermal transfer printer, you can print in color, but if you want to print multiple colors at once, you'll probably need an expensive printer. Less expensive printers can still print multiple colors, but they can only do one color at a time. You'll need to replace the ribbon with the desired color and continue printing the label with the new color. The downside, however, is that because they don't use ink cartridges like laser printers, you can't get every color in the spectrum. The ribbons only come in so many colors, and because they are not ink cartridges, you can't mix colors together.

Direct Thermal Is Another Option

Direct thermal printing is another option that is good for small businesses, and it costs a little less than thermal transfer printing. You still need a special printer that generates heat to print. However, ink ribbons aren't needed, so you save money on supplies. Unfortunately, they are also less durable than thermal transfer labels, so the information may scratch or rub off easily. They are also more vulnerable to chemicals, weather and UV light.

If you make labels in your company, and you want a cheaper, easier alternative, consider thermal transfer printing or direct thermal printing if you want to save more money and don't need durable labels. For more information regarding thermal transfer labels and printers, find a seller in your area or online today.