What Is An Automatic Girth Welder?

Welding is the best way to connect two pieces of metal so that they are fused into one larger piece of metal. Welding can be easy when it comes to welding together two pieces of metal to create something relatively small. But when it comes to making something large like a huge storage tank, welding can become tedious and time-consuming. It can take up time that employees could better spend doing other things. So, when it comes to welding those large tanks, how is it done?

Automatic Girth Welder

One way to weld a huge storage tank is to use an automatic tank girth welding machine. The way that these welders work is that the welding machines are either set on a track on the bottom or have rollers on the top that will sit on the top edge of the tank. As the welder goes along the track or the top of the tank, the welding part automatically welds the seal closed. It will just keep going around the tank until it reaches its beginning point and stops welding. There are a lot of benefits to using an automatic girth welder to weld the seams of a tank together. 

Awkward Areas

One benefit is that sometimes welding the seams on tanks can mean that people end up in awkward spots to try to get everything welded correctly. Some areas that need to be welded may also be in tight spaces, which make it hard for people to do their job correctly. An AGW doesn't have the same problem, and they get to those spots where humans would have problems. 


Another benefit to using an automatic girth welder is that the machine can do the welding much more safely than a human can. Anytime a person has to do work up off the ground, their risks are higher, just because they are working on scaffolding or other platforms that may not be as safe as they should be. People can lose their balance, hurt themselves with their welder, or any number of other things. That's not anything that an automatic welder has to worry about. The machine will just go around and around without hurting itself or anyone else. 

Giant storage tanks are necessary for so many reasons. Trying to make sure that those seams are welded properly can be time-consuming and tedious for people to do. An automatic girth welding machine can make it easier to make sure the seam is welded correctly.