Four Services To Consider Using Your Waste Management Company For

Waste management companies offer a wide range of services that construction companies can take advantage of. Beyond just trash pickup, your waste management service can provide a range of options to meet the unique needs at each of your job sites. Here are a few options to consider discussing with your waste management representative.

Debris Recycling

Recycling construction debris can be a great way to reduce your company's impact on the environment, and it can also give your clients peace of mind that you are handling job site waste responsibly. Your waste management company may sort the recyclables from your dumpsters at each job site, or it may offer several dumpsters that your crew can use to sort different types of debris. You can also request special recycling services for things such as electronics, light bulbs, and batteries to ensure they are not sent to a landfill.

Portable Restrooms

Some waste management companies offer portable restroom rental in addition to dumpster rental services. By renting your portable restrooms and your dumpsters from the same company, you can reduce the number of vendors you have to deal with and streamline operations at your job sites. You may also be able to receive discounts by using more than one service at a time.

Dumpster Rental

Of course, you'll want to contract your waste management company to provide dumpsters for all of your job sites. Remember that there are many different sizes and types of dumpsters available, so it's a good idea to discuss each option with your customer representative before starting a new job. This will help ensure that you have the right equipment for disposing of trash and construction waste. Some options you'll be able to choose from might include bag dumpsters, roll-off dumpsters and recycling dumpsters.


While it might not be the first thing that comes to mind, reporting is essential for waste removal at your job sites. You'll want to record how much you recycle at each site as well as how much waste you've sent to landfills. This information can help you examine where you can reduce waste, and it can also help you obtain the information needed to promote your company's sustainable practices.

Talk to your waste management company about these and any other services they may offer. With the right options in place at each job site, you can ensure that the work areas stay clean and free from trash.