3 Concrete Home Remodeling Projects

Whether you are a handy do-it-yourself homeowner or you choose to hire a contractor, ready-mix concrete can be used for an assortment of home improvement projects. Ready-mix concrete is budget-friendly, easy to work with, and durable. Here are three projects to consider for your home.

Concrete In The Kitchen And Bathroom

Kitchen and bathroom renovation projects are notoriously expensive. The good thing is they provide a high rate of return on your investment, with a mid-range kitchen or bathroom remodel returning approximately 62 percent.

Concrete countertops can stand up to the toughest tasks. They provide a unique beauty, and they can be custom stained before sealing for protection. Concrete countertops are far more cost-effective than other materials such as marble or granite, but they are just as beautiful.

With the right mold, you can also create a built-in sink, creating a seamless, all-in-one distinctive look. Another option is to create a concrete bathtub. Rather than limit yourself to shallow fiberglass bathtubs that don't retain heat, you can build the tub of your dreams. It can be as deep or as wide as you want, and the concrete will keep your water steaming hot.

Concrete In The Dining Room

Many people dream of owning a dining room table large enough for the entire extended family to gather around. Unfortunately, purchasing a wooden table of this size is cost-prohibitive for a lot of people. The quality of ready-made furniture is also less-than-stellar today as furniture manufactures today often use particleboard and veneer rather than solid wood. You can fashion a concrete dining room table in any size or shape you desire. You can even design it to match your custom kitchen countertops.

Concrete For Your Flooring

Concrete flooring doesn't have to look like your basement or garage floor. It can be textured. It can be stained. You can even stamp a decorative pattern into it. Concrete floors are also perfect for installing hot water radiant heat in your home. With this type of heating, you will never have to worry about cold floors again. Once it warms up, it will stay warm. This is also a very cost-effective way of heating your home, and you won't have to worry about losing heat through a ductwork system. You also won't need to deal with the dust in traditional furnace systems, making it an ideal choice for people with allergies, asthma, or respiratory illnesses.