Three Machine Control Safety Products That Could Benefit Your Industrial Workplace

If you own or manage an industrial workplace, then you are most likely familiar with some level of safety laws and regulations. If you are interested in meeting OSHA and other safety codes or adding a layer of safety, then you should consider adding emergency stop buttons, machine safety software, and light curtains.

Emergency Stop Buttons

Emergency stop buttons are probably one of the most commonplace and basic forms of safety available to industrial workplaces. These buttons offer a quick and easy way to stop a machine, tool, engine, or industrial vehicle immediately. These buttons, also found in rope or switch or toggle format, are sometimes called "kill switches." They are a great addition to industrial processes and machines that can hurt people more if they have to be stopped carefully and slowly, such as pallet jacks that are typically shut down in a series of steps as opposed to an instant stop.

Machine Safety Software

Another great machine safety product that can add a layer of safety to digitally-powdered industrial machines is machine safety software. Most modern industrial tools and processes are automated in this fashion. This software is programmed in a way to add more safety to various machines and tools, such as programming machines to automatically stop when certain movements are triggered rather than trying to rely on a kill switch. You can also program devices and tools to automatically adjust their power or make other adjustments so as to reduce the risk of injury and damage in the first place.

Light Curtains

Finally, one option you may not have even heard of to keep your personnel safe and away from dangerous machinery is a safety light curtain. These "curtains" have a vertical column of lasers that form a visual barrier in between employees and machinery such as stamps, presses, and other machines. While physical barriers offer a higher level of safety, light curtains allow for personnel that should go through the curtain to access the machinery with ease, while still preventing other employees from automatically assuming that an area is safe enough to be around.

There are many different machine safety products on the market, ranging from the basic emergency stop button to various machine safety software to even advanced light curtains made out of lasers. If you are interested in any of these products, fine a machine safety product provider near you. Many of them offer a range of products and they can work with you to determine which safety product is the best for your business.

To learn more, reach out to a machine control safety service.