The Benefits Of Installing A Circuit Breaker Panel

As a business owner that also owns the building your company operates out of, you have any number of considerations to keep in mind on a regular basis. This could include basic maintenance work on the roof or on the various systems throughout the building like your HVAC or plumbing. This also likely includes your building's electrical system. One way you could make your life a little bit easier in this regard would be to install one or more circuit breaker panels within the building. Here's how using more circuit breakers or a circuit breaker panel as opposed to just a fuse system could be advantageous for your business.

Easier Expansion as You Need More and More Things Plugged In

If you are still using fuses to power your electrical system, you might end up having to call an electrician every time you need to re-wire or expand part of that system. But with a circuit breaker panel, it is comparatively easier to add another breaker to the box. If you anticipate that you will be bringing in more and more employees and plugging in more and more electronics over time, installing a breaker panel now could make things easier (and less expensive) for you as that expansion plays out over time.

Handle Different Voltage Levels with Ease

Typically speaking, the average electrical circuit is expected to be able to put out 120 volts of power. But there are electrical circuits out there that can pump out a higher voltage, with 240 also being a popular option for some types of equipment. With that said, things can get complicated quickly for your fuse box if you are trying to install multiple voltage types. But with a circuit breaker panel, this is not an issue. A circuit breaker panel is designed to handle both 120- and 240-volt circuits without breaking a sweat. The panel will keep your employees and your electrical system safe regardless of how many or which type of circuit is currently in use.

Reset Instead of Replace

Have you sometimes experienced power surges at your building or facility? If you are still using fuse boxes, you are probably used to the routine of having to replace the blown fuse every time it happens. But when you switch to a circuit breaker panel, all you have to do is flip a switch. A circuit breaker can simply be reset instead of needing to be completely replaced like a fuse.

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