Why You Might Need To Invest In New Thread Gages For Your Manufacturing Or Industrial Business

Thread gages are used to measure the pitch of various screws or other fastening devices that you use during your manufacturing or industrial-based work. Thread gages come in many forms, and you might want to stock up on multiple types of thread gages in order to ensure that you are prepared for any situation. Here's why you might want to look into contacting a local provider of multiple thread gages and other similar tools.

You Need Thread Gages That Can Measure By Metric or Other Units of Measurement

Did you recently get hired or contracted to build parts or an entire project for a company based overseas? In certain situations, you may need to start using parts based on a different system of measurement than what you normally use. If you are manufacturing something for a business in the UK, for example, you might need to seek out British thread gages for sale in order to ensure you can measure pitch or other dimensions properly based on the new types of parts you will be using during your next production run.

You Need Thread Gages That Can Help You Get a Reading or Measurement Within a Delicate or Harsh Environment

Maybe you've used standard plug or thread gages for many years but now you are manufacturing or producing something that requires an immense amount of heat, or there is a danger of corrosion due to exposure to moisture or water. If so, you might need to stock up on some new thread gages that are capable of getting the job done in more hazardous conditions. Thread gages with a special coating can operate in harsh conditions and won't require regular cleaning or replacement due to corrosion or other concerns.

You Want to Measure More Than Just Pitch

Maybe you've used thread gages before to help measure pitch, but now you want to ensure even more quality and consistency across the board for every screw or part that goes across your assembly line. Plug gages, for example, can help measure the overall dimensions of a hole and let you know how big or small it is. Using these in combination with thread gages will provide a more accurate picture of your manufacturing or production process.

Contact a Supplier of Thread Gages to Improve Quality Control

You never know when you might land another contract that requires more precise measurements or requires you to use different types of parts than you have dealt with before. Having a variety of plug or thread gages on hand will leave you prepared for any situation that might come up.