What Are The Differences Between Hard-Mounted And Soft-Mounted Commercial Washers?

If you want to buy coin-operated washers for your new laundromat, then you might not be sure whether to go with hard-mounted or soft-mounted products. These two washers work and look the same. They have the same features and can also both be supplied with the coin payment systems you need. However, they have some installation differences.

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What Is a Hard-Mounted Washer?

Hard-mounted washers are bolted to the floor. They typically need to sit on a solid concrete or steel base.

This bolting system means that these washers don't need advanced springs or shock absorbers. The fact that you bolt them down helps the machines deal with operating vibrations. Their bolts hold them in place and prevent the machines from moving and shaking as they work.

Typically, these washers are cheaper than soft-mounted models. They have fewer complex parts so are less expensive to produce.

What Is a Soft-Mounted Washer?

You don't bolt soft-mounted washers to their floor surfaces. They simply stand on the floor.

These machines use more complex parts to deal with operating vibrations. They have shock absorbers and springs. So, they manage movements internally.

These washers will cost you more. Their extra parts increase their production costs.

Which Washer Should You Choose?

Many laundromat owners choose a washer type based on their flooring conditions. For example, if you'll install machines on a concrete floor or one with underlying steel reinforcement, then hard-mounted washers are a good option. These machines will do the washing jobs you need at a lower purchasing cost.

However, if your floor isn't strong enough to take the vibration forces of a hard-mounted washer, then you will have to think about putting a concrete slab into your laundromat's floor to create the right strength of the surface. If you don't do this, then the washer could damage the floor.

Slab installation can be disruptive work. It will also increase your overall costs.

So, if you don't want to do this work, then soft-mounted washers are a better option. They self-regulate vibrations so you can simply stand them on the floor.

If you can choose between either option, then think about security as well. Soft-mounted washers can be taken out fast—determined thieves could strip out all your machines and their cash reserves if they have a bit of time. Hard-mounted machines are less attractive as they are harder to remove.

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