Starting A Small Power Plant Using Renewable Energy: Four Issues

If you and your team are starting to investigate the possibility of a small power plant using renewable energy, there are issues other than actual construction that need attention. Others on your team may have more experience with small power plants than you do; if so, here are issues likely to take some of your time before construction begins. 1. Zoning You may already be well aware that a power plant can't be constructed in the middle of a city; your search for a proper site has probably led you to the outskirts of town or a rural location. [Read More]

Your Guide To Maintaining Regenerative Turbine Pumps

Whenever you work in the industrial field and need to make sure that you are doing right by your equipment, it is crucial that you pay attention to parts such as regenerative turbine pumps. These pumps transfer fluid and pressure in order to help your industrial equipment work at optimum levels. Use the three points in this article so that you are best able to maintain and repair these pumps whenever necessary. [Read More]

Tips For Selling Parboiled Rice In The US

Parboiled rice is not as common as other types of rice, although it offers a variety of benefits. If you are trying to sell parboiled rice in the US, you might not know the best way to hit your market. Here are some tips for selling parboiled rice in the US and maximizing the market to which you are offering it. This will enable you to be as successful in this business endeavor as possible. [Read More]