Boiler Costs: Installation, Replacement, Parts, And Labor

Boilers; the mere mention of these heating appliances conjures up images of hot steam and large, looming industrial machines. While that would be mostly true of industrial boilers, the fact remains that these machines have come a long way from the invention of steam locomotives, which is what these boilers were originally designed for. In addition to their modern upgrades and features comes the elevated costs for boiler installation, boiler replacement, boiler parts, and the labor associated with all of the above. If you want to get a really good idea of what it might cost to replace an industrial boiler in your plant, versus just fixing it, here are some of the expected costs. 

Boiler Installation

Thousands of dollars; that is what it typically costs for the boiler alone. The addition of labor is thousands more. A residential boiler may cost as little as three grand, but you are talking about an industrial boiler here, so think between three and five times that, possibly more. The boiler itself will cost you upwards of seven to ten grand alone, and that is before you even count the labor costs. However, if your plant relies heavily on boilers to get things done and keep the plant toasty warm for employees, you have no choice but to replace it, especially if the old boiler is definitely shot and too costly to fix.

Boiler Replacement 

Boiler replacement is going to cost you a few thousand more because the contractor has to remove the old boiler. Removing the old boiler involves disconnecting it from the rest of the plumbing, and then hauling it out of the plant. The old boiler also has to go somewhere, which may require special disposal or the contractor knows how to dispose of it (for a fee). Then the new boiler can be installed. 


Parts are typically hundreds of dollars for industrial boilers, simply because of their mass and their special applications and operations. Some parts may top over a thousand dollars, but those parts typically belong to older-style boilers, or the parts are central to the operation of the boiler. Still, if you are able to replace parts rather than replace the boiler, it will save you thousands of dollars. 


Labor is always a big expense, no matter what you purchase, want to be installed, or want to be replaced. For repairs, labor is going to be in the hundreds of dollars. For an industrial boiler installation or replacement, think more along the lines of a thousand and above, depending on where your factory is located.