Six Inaccurate Assumptions Industrial Facility Owners Sometimes Make About Rental Cranes

It's essential that you're accurately informed when you're making arrangements for a rental crane at your industrial facility. Unfortunately, there are some common assumptions that are made about rental cranes that are not entirely accurate.

The following are six inaccurate assumptions industrial facility owners sometimes make about rental cranes. 

There are only limited types of rental cranes available

Some individuals inaccurately assume that the type of crane they need for their application is not available for rent. However, this is usually not the case.

Available rental cranes are not limited to construction cranes. Many different crane models are available for rent nowadays, so that you should definitely be able to find a rental crane that meets your needs. 

Your staff doesn't have to perform any maintenance on a rented crane

Depending on how long your rental period is, you may be expected to perform some minor maintenance on your rented crane. You should discuss maintenance needs with your rental crane provider to make sure that you are doing everything you need to so that your rental equipment maintains its condition. 

A rental crane will come along with an operator

You can't expect a crane operator to be included with your rental crane. You need to have someone on your staff who is trained to operate a rental crane if you plan to use a rental crane at your facilities. 

Your commercial insurance will cover any accidents that occur while a rental crane is being used

You might need to purchase insurance when you rent a crane. It's possible that your standard commercial insurance policy won't cover you for accidents that happen while using a rented piece of equipment. 

Contact your commercial insurance company and ask about coverage for rental equipment if you are uncertain. 

You can always extend a crane rental period by simply calling the rental provider

Planning out the dates of your crane rental period is important. While you can often easily extend your rental period, you might not always be able to do so if your rental provider has another rental scheduled for the piece of equipment you're using.

Try to figure out how long you'll need your rental crane in order to finish the envisioned work. Give yourself some cushioning by scheduling your rental for a little longer than you think you'll need. 

A rented crane can be overloaded because manufacturers exaggerate safety restrictions

Safety is of the utmost importance during any crane rental. One of the most common safety mistakes is overloading a rental crane. The staff at your facilities should be aware of weight capacity restrictions and not go over them to make sure that accidents are prevented. 

Keep these tips in mind when looking for crane rental services near you.