Keys To Renting Boilers During The Wintertime

There might be a day when your power plant's boiler malfunctions and thus can't be restored for a while. Rental boilers are available for these instances. If you're renting one during the wintertime, here are some helpful tips to consider.

Make Sure Pipes are Insulated

There will be pipes on the rental boiler that you'll need to set up before using this heating system. If you're dealing with cold temperatures, as this rental boiler has to be positioned outside, then make sure the pipes are fully insulated.

That's going to keep the entire heating system performing optimally, even in cold temperatures. Whereas, if you ordered a rental boiler without insulated pipes, you could experience things like freezing, and then you may not be able to use the temporary heating solution at all.

Keep an Eye on the Pressure After the Installation

Once you get this temporary boiler set up around your worksite, you'll want to keep an eye on the pressure. It could be affected by the cold temperatures outside, but continually monitoring this aspect will help you respond quickly if pressure issues start to show up. 

If the cold starts impacting the pressure according to your assessments, you can respond before the system starts working harder and potentially breaks down. You may need to adjust how hard you're running the rental boiler or contact a professional to work out another solution. 

Physically Touch the Radiator Periodically

One thing that can happen to your rental boiler's radiator during cold temperatures is air collecting at the bottom. That's not good because it can make your rental boiler perform inefficiently, which can, in turn, cause breakdowns and extra costs that you didn't originally plan for. You want to physically touch the radiator at the bottom to see how hot or cold it is.

If it's cold, then you'll need to bleed (purge) this component completely. That will help alleviate the air and then get this temporary heating system back up to the right performance standards. Keep an eye on this component consistently until you have the rental supplier pick up the unit after your rental period is over.

If you're renting a boiler during the winter period to get heating around a worksite, there are a couple of smart strategies you want to implement if you can. Then your rental system won't give you a bunch of trouble or cause you to waste money. For more information, reach out to boiler rental services near you.