Easy Ways to Save Money on Oilfield Pipes

If you plan on supporting oilfield operations around a worksite, then you will need to invest in some oilfield pipes. If you want to save money on these materials, here are a couple of things you can do. Opt for Pipes That Have Been Used You don't necessarily have to buy brand-new pipes in order to adequately support oilfield operations. Used pipes can still work out great as long as their condition is solid, which lets you save a lot of money on this oilfield investment. [Read More]

Advice For Contractors Shopping For Truck Service Bodies In Person

If you're looking to equip a truck service body to your vehicle for contractor work, then shopping in person is a great idea because it lets you really assess these structures from top to bottom. Here are just a couple of tips that can really help you out. Outline a Couple of Goals Before Shopping You may find a supply center that has a lot of truck bodies for sale, new and used. [Read More]

Keys To Renting Boilers During The Wintertime

There might be a day when your power plant's boiler malfunctions and thus can't be restored for a while. Rental boilers are available for these instances. If you're renting one during the wintertime, here are some helpful tips to consider. Make Sure Pipes are Insulated There will be pipes on the rental boiler that you'll need to set up before using this heating system. If you're dealing with cold temperatures, as this rental boiler has to be positioned outside, then make sure the pipes are fully insulated. [Read More]