Top Reasons To Make Extinguishers A Major Part Of Your Home Fire Safety Plan

Few events have the ability to ravage a piece of property like a fire. In a mere matter of moments, a flame can rip through your home and leave disaster in its wake. Protecting your household from the severe effects of a fire is incredibly important, and anything you can do to minimize the risk is well worth the effort. Setting up an escape route is vital, and putting smoke detectors in each room is a must. [Read More]

What Are The Differences Between Hard-Mounted And Soft-Mounted Commercial Washers?

If you want to buy coin-operated washers for your new laundromat, then you might not be sure whether to go with hard-mounted or soft-mounted products. These two washers work and look the same. They have the same features and can also both be supplied with the coin payment systems you need. However, they have some installation differences. Read on to learn more. What Is a Hard-Mounted Washer? Hard-mounted washers are bolted to the floor. [Read More]

Got Winter Projects Planned? Why You Need A Mini Excavator For Your Home Projects

If you're tackling some projects that need excavation work, now's the time to rent a mini excavator. If you're like most homeowners, you don't think about the heavy equipment for your home projects. You should though. This is especially true with regard to excavation equipment. If you don't have experience with heavy equipment, you might not think you can use an excavator. That's not the case though. You can rent a mini excavator instead. [Read More]

Why You Might Need To Invest In New Thread Gages For Your Manufacturing Or Industrial Business

Thread gages are used to measure the pitch of various screws or other fastening devices that you use during your manufacturing or industrial-based work. Thread gages come in many forms, and you might want to stock up on multiple types of thread gages in order to ensure that you are prepared for any situation. Here's why you might want to look into contacting a local provider of multiple thread gages and other similar tools. [Read More]